Your button company like no other

Based in New York City, Auxiliare International LLC is an innovation-focused company with a passion for enriching people's lives through premium products and meaningful connectivity. We are the first company in the world to create an integrated shirt button system that combines no-sewing capabilities with shirt button interchangeability allowing you to look your best by expressing your style while impressing your peers. We believe a great accessory is able to transcend its practical purpose and become something much more, a powerful and eloquent representation of its owner’s lifestyle and taste.

And it all begins, as you might expect, with individuality.


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Inspired by the idea of making our everyday unnoticed button into a truly eye-catching accessory boosting one’s impressive sense of style, Anibal Marin, a fashion designer, patents the worlds first no-sew interchangeable button system. From enhancing our appearance, removing the need for sewing and prolonging the use our shirts, his innovation offers us a fresh approach with a new appreciation of self expression.

Anibal's vision is to re-introduce the button, an icon of fashion, as a timeless accessory offering a unique individual message for every need and taste. His pioneering spirit and accessory innovations helps us truly stand out from the crowd with timeless collections creating signature details to look our very best!