Anibal Marin Auxilry Interchangeable Shirt Button Inventor

I created Auxilry when I realized I had a problem: many of my shirts and blazers had loose or lost buttons. However, re-inventing how we think about shirt buttons and their antiquated method of applying them has been no easy task. As a fashion designer and product developer for over 15 years, I began the long road of pioneering a way to attach buttons without the need for sewing.

Upon development of the initial product I realized that by merely switching my shirt buttons, people began to take notice and compliment my style. I can now give my outfits a new look while re-using my shirts. That means fewer shirts, more looks!

Inspired by the idea of making our everyday unnoticeable buttons into a truly eye-catching accessory boosting one’s impressive sense of style, I launched Auxilry, the world’s first patented  “No-Sew” interchangeable buttons.

From enhancing your appearance, removing the need for sewing and prolonging the use your shirts, Auxilry offers a fresh approach with a new appreciation of self-expression. My vision is to re-introduce the button, an icon of fashion, as a timeless accessory offering a unique individual message for every need and taste. I've made it simple for you to create signature details with timeless collections to truly stand out and look your very best! 

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