1. Is it possible to put a sew-on button back on my shirt again after using AuxilrY INTERCHANGEABLE SHIRT BUTTONS?

Once Auxilry fasteners have been placed, you can only use Auxilry interchangeable button facings. However, if you would like to revert to sew-on buttons, you may do so by easily cutting the Auxilry fasteners with a household tool such as a fingernail clipper and sewing your buttons back on. Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons leave no pre-existing damage to your shirt.

2. Is it possible to reuse Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons once applied?

This is a Yes and No answer. Auxilry interchangeable button facings can be used and interchanged forever. However, once the Auxilry fasteners are applied, they are super strong, meant to be permanent and do not fall off. If over time you wish to change the Auxilry fastener color, you can do so. Using a household tool such as fingernail cutter you can firmly clip off the pronged portion of the fastener thus making the prongs un-useable leaving you with a fastener base portion that can be re-used or changed for another fastener color.

3. Is it possible to use Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons on garments other than shirts? For example, casual button down shirts, polo shirts, shirt dresses, knit cardigans, etc.?

Absolutely! Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons are primarily used on dress shirts, casual button down shirts, shirt dresses, polos, lightweight sweaters, blouses and even to decorate accessories. Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons are currently not meant for use on pants or outerwear.

4. How many ways can I style my garments with Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons?

Below are a few fundamental ways to accessorize with Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons for any occasion, but ultimately you can be creative as you'd like to. You can use them on woven and knit garments. Photos and style techniques will also be shared on the www.auxilry.com site.

Dress/Casual Button Down Shirt Combinations -

  • Add a pair to regular shirts on "cuffs only" to get a cufflink look.

  • Add a pair to "button down collars only."

  • Add one button to your "top collar only" for an accent.

  • Add them to your entire shirt.

  • Casual button down shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, shirt dresses and blouses

  • Mix and match colors as you please.

  • Add them to your entire garment

  • Decorate and create unique touches on suit jackets, bags, lapels, sleeves, and other accessories.

5. How does the Lifetime Guarantee work?

If for any reason any part is defective or becomes damaged, a replacement will be shipped to you at no charge (except for shipping). See our Returns and Lifetime Guarantee policy page for more.

6. Are the Auxilry fasteners and interchangeable buttons machine washable and dry-cleanable?

Absolutely! Auxilry fasteners are made with medical grade polymer that withstands much higher temperatures than industrial dry-cleaning and machine washing. You do not have to remove the interchangeable buttons either. You can just wash everything as is. Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons have been rigorously tested in over 80+ tests involving dry-cleaning, machine washing, and ironing. Visit our Auxilry product innovation page to find out more.

7. Will you create larger sizes for suits and jackets?

Larger sized buttons for items such as suit jackets, blazers, and outerwear are currently under development. Sign up for our newsletter or become a Premium Charter Club member and we will notify you once these are available.

8. Are Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons a patented product?

Auxilry is a patented product and has also been filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) with additional US and other international patents pending. See the Auxilry patent page for a list of current patents and pending patents information.

9. Are Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons only for men or women?

Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons are currently for both men and women. As the collections expand, Auxilry will be adding more gender-specific button styles. Make sure to visit our store for the latest collections.

10. Can I use Auxilry shirt interchangeable buttons if I am visually impaired?

Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons makes it much easier for the elderly and the visually impaired to apply a button. No more needle and thread or knowing how to sew a button. Applying an Auxilry interchangeable shirt button is a "snap" literally! Anyone can do it in seconds!

11. Are Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons the same as button covers?

NO! Antiquated button covers are a thing of the past. They are bulky, larger than your existing buttons, therefore making them impossible to button and unbutton (so you have to put them on and a take them off every time you want to open your shirt) damaging the thread as well! Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons are the exact size of standard buttons, so you can leave them on, or interchange them as you please. They feel and act as sew-on shirt buttons without the hassle of the thread but with the superpower of interchangeable faces. Watch the Auxilry “How it works” video to learn more.

12. What is a Premium Charter Club (PCC) Member?

The Auxilry Premium Charter Club is a members-only collective that offers member exclusives, rewards, special offers, the latest styling tips and priority access to our initial designs. Signing up is free and can be done with a simple email address by visiting our PCC membership page. We welcome you on board.

13. ARE Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons sustainable or environmentally friendly?

Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons and fasteners are made with medical grade ABS polymer and brass materials currently the only thing strong enough to endure regular and industrial washing uses. Both ABS and Brass are 100% recyclable and sustainable. The process of making the product itself is standard to button making and utilizes every bit of material waste as possible. They are made in a factory that has passed and is registered with a Code of Conduct Compliance.

100% of the packaging is also recyclable in 2 ways -

  • Reuse and save for storing additional buttons

  • Simply discard into a recycling bin.

For additional sustainability of resources, the interchangeability of buttons itself will help people purchase fewer garments, in general, allowing them to give new looks to old garments reusing the same clothing more often and saving money in the process.