Back to work! 5 ways to add to power to your presence

In a perfect world we would look past the surface, yet most of us are not logical and make decisions based off our first impression.

The fact is the way you present yourself to others has a bigger impact than you might think. Everyone’s initial perception of you is based off conscious and subconscious stereotypes. Your attention to style details dramatically increases your influence and attracts success. Clothing may make up most of your outfit, but accessories are much more significant than you think. Accessories and clothing when equally balanced creates an ensemble that sets you apart expressing who you are. Accessories extend the emphasis of your personal style, taste, and individuality. They also present endless opportunities for outfits, helping you make the best of each item you own. Thanks to accessories, you can create a individual style with a big impression. Here are five ways to add power to your presence:


A beautiful watch can be a major accent to ones outfit and in many countries is a sign of social class. However not everyone wishes to own a luxury watch and it certainly doesn’t restrict you from expressing creativity and individualism. Watches can be a great way to either make your outfit more elegant or simply give it a casual twist. Pair it with a single bracelet to give your wrist an added touch matching your personality. Less is more so don’t over do it! Check out the article on 13 Men's Bracelets That'll Instantly Up Your Style Game



Aside from your staple of basic socks a few pairs of bright socks are a great way to add color and creativity to your outfit. Whether they are bold solid colors, patterns or stripes use it as detail that can tie back to your other accessories or as stand-alone bold statements. Certainly avoid bright socks at formal occasions such as funerals or board meetings. Heres a guide on how to match your socks to your outfit.

Auxilry Styling Tip 2


Shoelaces when matched to sock details or other accents such as belts, fashion buttons, watch bands and jewelry can enhance an outfit greatly and create a big impact. Making sure your shoelace of choice matches your shoe style is simple. Always make sure to maintain the same thickness as the original laces and the rest is up to your personal style of choice. If you tend to not wear shoes with laces you can always purchase a shoe style with contrast colored soles that create flair.



Until recently beautiful shirt buttons have only been associated with men's tailoring or high-end women’s wear. Buttons have always been subject to the garments we buy and we have conformed ourselves to the accepting standard shirt buttons as the “norm”. However shirt buttons are numerously visible and can add a real perception of value to our outfits. Innovation today allows you to take control and quickly interchange your shirt button styles as you please to match your outfits. Auxliry interchangeable shirt buttons allows you to add exceptional button details to casual button down shirts, mens dress shirts, women’s button down shirts, a polo shirt, shirt dress or shirt blouse making them look new all the time. 



No detail goes un-touched! Remove your existing shirt or suit buttons and sew them back on with contrast colored thread to create small pop color accents. Try to pick colors that correlate to most of your accessories or daily choices. Want to keep it subtle and trendy? Only add contrast thread to the top button of your sleeve plackets.