The Pokémon Craze!

There are few things that have taken the world, or at least the parts of the world it is available in, like Pokémon Go. It is easy to see how this happened. Take a popular video game, augmented reality and put it on smartphones for free. The popularity of Pokémon Go is so much that even celebrities have joined in on the gaming. So yeah, we confess, in the crazy day to day grind of bringing a new and exciting fashion accessory to market we like a little break from reality as well!


Fashion icons and celebrities have found themselves addicted to the venturing outside to hunt down wild Pokémon on the streets. Apparently Joe Jonas wants to take a trip to Area 51 for a MewTwo, Kevin Jonas shared a meme of himself, and Nick Jonas shared to the world that Demi Lovato is hunting Pokémon backstage on their tour while John Mayer spent $99.99 to help jumpstart his new career as a Pokémon Trainer. Tyga was spotted at an airport playing Pokemon Go before getting an unamused look from Kylie Jenner and Even Ruby Rose is getting in on the action, naming her own Pidgeotto after herself. 

And lastly, Chrissy Teigen is taking a moment to ask herself If dipping a toe into the world of Pokémon.

So is Pokemon Go worth it? Well, if you are into gaming of any sort, Pokémon Go amounts to something of a digital treasure hunt. But if you have never cared about smartphone gaming or Pokémon the worst thing you can walk away is some spent minutes and the experience of an augmented reality game.