Project Runway Fashion Startup debuts on Lifetime

Project Runway Fashion Startup debuts on Lifetime

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In Political Fashion

Since we couldn't help but focus our attention to the fashion aspect of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, one of the key highlights was the white suit that Hillary Clinton wore during her speech at the Democratic National Convention. As Hillary took the stage in an unforgettable white suit, she was the first woman ever to become a presidential nominee. The white seemed to mirror her speech, as many political commentators made note. Some also referenced that the white color did more than show off the feeling of hope Clinton wished to evoke. The Guardian ( points out that the white is in reference to the suffragette movement of the early 1900’s. The article quotes the director of the Museum of Fashion Institute of Technology, Valerie Steele about this.

“This was a way of using clothing to speak through a visual message. Because it’s not something a lot of people know (that suffragettes wore white), but once people are aware of that, it does reinforce the historical importance of Hillary hopefully becoming the first woman president.”

As to who the designer of the suit was, seems to remain mystery at this point. The Hollywood Reporter
( took a guess as to who that might be. While having no confirmation (all designers and labels contacted failed to comment) they speculate Ralph Lauren may be the top choice for the label behind the suit. There is history between Hillary Clinton and Ralph Lauren whose suits she has worn in the past.

On the other side of the political spectrum, Ivanka Trump's dress, worn in her speech introducing her father Donald Trump, had everyone talking at the Republican National Convention. Ivanka's white dress caused a stir due to its affordability under her very own Trump label. She describes her brand as “a lifestyle concept dedicated to women who work.” Apparently her intuitive sense of style seems to be paying off "Yuge" as the dress, which retails for $138 is currently sold out at Nordstrom.  

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