FREE Ebook Style Guide

When you hear the word ‘Ebook’ the first thing that likely comes to mind is the latest best-seller. It’s the image of a person on a subway or in a waiting room swiping on their iPad or Kindle to the next page. What you might not consider is that the ebook format plays perfectly to the idea of helpful guides on the go. What if you could have an easily accessible guide helps you enhance the perfect outfit with accessories for a lasting impression?


The Auxilry Pocket Style Guide offers fundamental tips on the importance of dressing with accessories. When putting together an outfit, an accessory adds value to someone's perception. Pairing the right  accessory with your outfit can accentuate your personal style and taste. The best part of accessories are the endless ways they can compliment outfits.

With the Auxilry Pocket Style Guide, you’ll get access to guides for men’s and women’s combinations, creative style ideas, a scarf style guide, pocket square folding style, how to tie a tie and to rock a bow tie, how to travel with style and much more. You can also use our guide to learn how to make color decisions in the 2016 spring/summer season.  

Be sure to download our Auxilry Pocket Style Guide to complete your look with a unique sense of style . You’ll also find out how our revolutionary Auxilry Interchangeable Button system updates your outfit and customizes your shirts like never before. It’s easy to use without any sewing necessary. Life’s too short to wear boring clothes!