The Hack with it all! - The cost of replacing your shirt buttons.

We have all suffered a lost shirt button at the wrong time, received damaged shirt buttons after dry-cleaning or pondered what it would be like to replace our old boring shirt buttons with cool new fashion buttons. The sheer hassle of taking our shirts to the tailors, let alone trying to correctly sew on our dress shirt buttons is pain staking! We set aside some hacks to solving common shirt button problems.

Your skills vs. the Tailor -
It’s just a tiny button right? I got this! Well just like any another craft, properly attaching a button onto a shirt does have it’s own set of rules. Even though it is very possible to google a video on how to sew a button on a shirt, most people’s lack of time and sewing proficiency usually leads to a button that eventually becomes loose and continues to fall off over time.

Tailors have a perfected craft and typically charge $1.00 to $2.50 per button per shirt, often including a standard button. If your shirt has fashion buttons, that cannot be matched easily, your tailor can either rearrange buttons, or replace them all for a higher cost. This is the reason why saving those spare buttons provided with your garment is important. 


Loose Buttons or Threads –
Much like your childhood teeth, generally a loose shirt button is an indicator that it’s just about ready to part ways with you. Avoid this at all cost and try to address it before it’s lost into space.

Temporary Shirt Button Hack: As a quick fix, you can use clear nail polish to stabilize a loose shirt or suit button. This hack temporarily bonds the thread fibers making them rigid increasing overall strength. All you have to do is neatly apply nail polish on the threads of the loose button and allow it to dry. However over a short period of use, the nail polish will begin to loose strength and eventually flake.

Permanent Hack: Loose threads and buttons are as annoying as they are unsightly. Let your colleague pull that loose thread, and it just might unravel your button. Let’s remove thread and the act of sewing from the equation and replace it with an Auxilry medical grade polymer fastener and you will never experience a loose thread or button again. Auxilry’s fasteners snap together in seconds, maintain the same spacing, strength and durability after an unlimited number of washes. See how it works.


Lost Button - 
The point of no return! Your dress shirt button made the great escape into the wild blue yonder. If you’re lucky you caught it just in time, if not you can still hack it! 

Temporary Shirt Button Hack: If you are on the run and need to fix a popped button in a hurry (and still have the button), you can temporarily utilize the thin metal wire inside of a twist tie. Twist ties can be found in your friends kitchen, a hotel or restaurant. If you have lost the button, you can remove a non-visible button and use it in the area of high visibility. In order to avoid being poked by the metal wire make sure to have the ends of the wire facing away from you, or wrapped around the button. If you have never picked up a needle and thread, nor have the time we do recommend taking it to a professional tailor for the long replacement of your shirt button.

Permanent Shirt Button Hack: Avoid the possibility of lost buttons, knowing how to sew or a trip to the tailor. The innovative no-sew Auxilry interchangeable button system lets you attach a button in seconds without sewing. No sewing and no thread means no more lost buttons!


Total Shirt Button Replacement:
At some point or another we’ve all gotten tired of our same old shirts, yearning for that funky fresh shirt feeling without having to make a new purchase. Full shirt button replacement has not been a practical or cost effective option, until now. There are 2 hacks to look at, the old way and the new way.

Temporary Shirt Button Hack (Old Way): If you are semi-proficient in sewing, you can replace all of your shirt buttons only investing time and the cost of your buttons. Standard shirt buttons cost cents, but fashion buttons can range from $0.20 to $3.00 per button.

If you have never picked up a needle and thread, nor have the time we do recommend taking it to a professional tailor. Get ready to spend some serious cash if you want unique designer buttons. You will have to pay for labor plus the cost of the button. Multiply this by the number of buttons on your shirt and you have your total cost. Do keep in mind this is for a one-time button change.

Permanent Shirt Button Hack (New Way): Now you can replace your shirt buttons in seconds with the Auxilry interchangeable button system. Get rid of loose threads while prolonging the use of your shirts. No sewing and tailors required.


Auxilry are elegant interchangeable shirt buttons that allow you to look your best with eye catching button details all while replacing the time or need to know how to sew a button. In minutes you can apply Auxilry onto your shirts and in seconds you can forever interchange button styles creating a new look every time! Unlike any buttons you have had before, Auxilry extends a lifetime guarantee for any parts or button replacements. Pick and choose classic or designer styles from the collection to mix and match them amongst your shirts. Get creative and add signature style while never worrying about damaged or lost shirt buttons again!